Did you know… #FunFact

Hey Everybun did you know that Aoi and I each were introduced on YouTube? Aoi Video My Video They're pretty old so I'll tell Hoom to make new ones soon. When they're out I'll let you know. Love Fluffy


look what you made do…

Hey Everybody since I first listened to Taylor Swift new single  "look what you made do" I can't stop listening to it. I can relate so much to it. It's like my heart is speaking to all the people who stomped on me, used me or tortured me in my past.  "I don't like your … Continue reading look what you made do…

So nice

Hey Everybun Hoom made us an all you can eat buffet... but we still have to wait for it to grow. 😣 We got some grass, some parsley and carrots. (which will probably end with us only having greens) 😍 Can't wait to eat all of it. Your Aoi


I'm not a good person and anyhow I feel good I'm not a perfect person and anyhow I don't wanna be. If I have to change the only one who can do is me. But that is nothing new, not even for you.   Rin Yamashita _〆(。。)