Why I like to Bullet Journal!

Hey Everyone Today I'm going to tell you, why I like to Bullet Journal. First I like the flexibility that comes with it. You see the Bullet Journal system is really easy and you can adjust EVERYTHING from layout, design to fonts and colors.  If you're someone who likes to draw then why not make... Continue Reading →


10 reasons why school is cool!

Hey Guys yesterday I posted "10 reasons why school sucks!". Today I'll tell you why school is cool. I excluded meeting friends, because you can still do that outside from school and I have to tell you it wasn't easy! It took me longer and I had to ask around for more ideas. Well then... Continue Reading →

10 reasons why school sucks!

Hey Guys today I had some time in my classes and started a list why school sucks. I mean that was easy try finding 10 reasons why school is cool. But that is another post. Let's get started! learing writing tests homework mostly 1 to 3 comes together at once, like writing 7 tests in... Continue Reading →

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