Tattoo Yes? No? Maybe? #2

Hello Everyone to todays 2nd post about Tattoos. Here you can read the first one. Todays host is Fluffy. Please welcome him for this interview. Me: Thank you Fluffy for coming. Fluffy: I was around anyway. So its fine. Me: Shall we start? Fluffy: How much does a Tattoo cost? Me: It depends on the … Continue reading Tattoo Yes? No? Maybe? #2


4 things I do not need to be Happy

Hey Everyone Here are my top 4 of things that I don't need to be Happy. Drugs (Alcohol, Cigarettes, typical Drugs) I really don't like it when I don't have 100% control over myself. It's not like I can't handle a little bit of alcohol because I can. It's just that I really dislike the … Continue reading 4 things I do not need to be Happy