So comfy 😍

Hey Everybun Hoom got me today But my wife was so comfy to sleep on. Of course Hoom had to take a picture. 😧 I wish she would stop that. Fluffy


look what you made do…

Hey Everybody since I first listened to Taylor Swift new single  "look what you made do" I can't stop listening to it. I can relate so much to it. It's like my heart is speaking to all the people who stomped on me, used me or tortured me in my past.  "I don't like your... Continue Reading →

Review Pilot Juice Gel-pens 0.5

Hey Everyone for a while now I've been using the pilot juice pens and they are my go-to pen when I'm writing with something other than a fountain pen. They don't skip while writing. They come in different colors. They have a clip on top so you can clip them onto your papers. I have... Continue Reading →

Dear Chester Bennington

It's been one week since you left our world. Today I want to tell you that your fans, your friends and your family misses you a lot. Even someone like me, who takes joy in listening to the music you created, is grieving. I wouldn't say that I am a fan but I really enjoy... Continue Reading →


Hey Guys after deleting my Facebook account over a year ago. I'm starting to use TWITTER as of today. How come? Well I was REALLY BORED at work and got nothing better to do than creating an account. So if you want to be in direct contact with me then follow me @RinLovesRabbits Yeah I... Continue Reading →

until the end – Bis zum Schluss

Hey Guys I thought I could show you soemthing you don't know... well at least I think. Bis zum Schluss (until the end) a song from Silbermond. Silbermond  is a German band. Refrain: Vielleicht haben wir uns überschätzt Gehofft das aus den Differenzen Liebe wächst Doch ich weiß nicht ob das reicht Wieviel Zeit uns... Continue Reading →


Whenever I read or hear the line "I love you" I want to trow up.  I don't know why they always ruin something good with it. I like to read Manga especially YAOI*. The word "love" does just mean that you like something or somebody very much. So why does everyone use it in the... Continue Reading →

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