Tattoo Yes? No? Maybe? #1

Hello Everyone please welcome our host for today. Welcome Aoi and thank you for being here. Aoi: I want a treat for this! Me: Yes you'll get a treat. Aoi: Ok let's get this going. What is todays topic again? Me: Tattoos. (Is this going to be fine?) Aoi: Ahh... Ok first question: Do you … Continue reading Tattoo Yes? No? Maybe? #1


BuJo spreads|the ones that work for me

Hello Everyone today I want to start a mini¬† series about spreads that worked for me and which didn't work for me. In this series I'll separate weeklies and monthlies from collections. As time goes on, you are bound to find out which spreads work for you and which don't. Here are all the layouts … Continue reading BuJo spreads|the ones that work for me