My Index

Hey Everyone Today is all about my Index. Well it sounds like this will be a really long post ... well.... it won't be.   First you should know that I structured my Leuchtturm 1917 into two sections. The first section starts from the front: There you can find five different collections: Random facts about me,... Continue Reading →



Hey Everyone I was amazed when I found my old dairies because I started at the age of 10. So if I look back writing has always been something I enjoy and to get all that junk of my chest. Also it's fascinating the things I wrote about it sounds so naive to me. Back... Continue Reading →

Review Leuchtturm 1917 A5

Hey Everyone As I started my journey with my Bullet Journal I came across Leuchtturm 1917. I wondered what is so good about it that so many people use it and take such a big liking to it. So I looked online and had intentions to oder it but I went to my favorite shop... Continue Reading →

Why should I even apply?

Hey Everyone I'm back to scare one ... back to finding a job. Really shitty that it didn't work out where I had my trail week. It would have been nice to get a chance! Honestly could someone please tell me WHY I SHOULD EVEN APPLY TO A JOB OFFER? You know I looked up... Continue Reading →

Why I like to Bullet Journal!

Hey Everyone Today I'm going to tell you, why I like to Bullet Journal. First I like the flexibility that comes with it. You see the Bullet Journal system is really easy and you can adjust EVERYTHING from layout, design to fonts and colors.  If you're someone who likes to draw then why not make... Continue Reading →


With time running ahead it's closing in the coming death. With fear paralysing you You stop walking towards the future. With thinking too much about the future you stop living in the present. Rin (๑´_`๑)♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪✧

Flying dream

Baby try looking back without standing still. Try to make your own choices made from your free will. Make it last, that dream of yours, hold it tight and make it fly. Rin Yamashita _〆(。。)

Last week

It started of the best just with a little test. To stay calm I studied more just to got my head totally sore. It didn’t matter anyway because the next test was on its way. To end the list I had to write two more tests. Friday was finally there and all I could do... Continue Reading →

Worry of the Humanity

The wind blows nicely, friendly around my body,  while I'm sitting on top of a pyramid where children can climb up and down. The sun is sinking as well as the temperature. There are only a view people around. Smoking. Walking. Standing. No talking can be  heard. I can hear the birds singing, can see... Continue Reading →

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