Conversation with my 14 year old me

Hey Everyone in one of my challenges I had the task "A Letter to my younger self". I hope you enjoy my version of it. 26 y.o.:“Wahh my breasts where so small back then.” 14 y.o.:“Wait they didn’t stop growing?” 26 y.o.:“Well… no.” 14 y.o.:“So why are you here?” 26 y.o.:“Me? Oh I thought I … Continue reading Conversation with my 14 year old me


Dear Chester Bennington

It's been one week since you left our world. Today I want to tell you that your fans, your friends and your family misses you a lot. Even someone like me, who takes joy in listening to the music you created, is grieving. I wouldn't say that I am a fan but I really enjoy … Continue reading Dear Chester Bennington