My new Layout for…|BuJo Spread

Hello Everyone since I started with the Bullet Journal I also started to make a list about all the Animes I've watched. I'm not sure if I got them all because I went by memory for everything that I watched before my BuJo time. For now I use a list-method as shown in the picture... Continue Reading →


BuJo spreads|that didn’t work out

Hello everyone on Tuesday I showed you BuJo spreads|the ones that worked for me. So for today I'll show you the ones that didn't work out. Let's get started! I hope you enjoyed todays blog if so: like and comment down below. Love Rin __/(^-^)

My Index

Hey Everyone Today is all about my Index. Well it sounds like this will be a really long post ... well.... it won't be.   First you should know that I structured my Leuchtturm 1917 into two sections. The first section starts from the front: There you can find five different collections: Random facts about me,... Continue Reading →


Hey Everyone before I started my Leuchttrum 1917 which holds my current Bullet Journal I did a trial. For that I used a cheap sketch book and I did it the way many in the BuJo community do. I had my future log and monthlies, my weeklies and here and there between my calendar where... Continue Reading →

August Favorites

Hey Everyone I always wanted to do a favorite of ... blog post! I'm not sure if I can do one every month due to money issues. Yeah let me tell you it sucks to be THAT short on money. So there will be no new stuff for me this month. Ok let's get to... Continue Reading →

Review Uni Style Fit

Hey Everyone the Uni Style Fit pen is my favorite writing tool besides the pilot juice pens. This pen comes in different sizes in 0.28 mm, 0.38 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm and 1 mm. In tons of colors and variations on barrels. I first ordered the Uni Style Fit 0.38 mm in black blue... Continue Reading →


Hey Everyone I was amazed when I found my old dairies because I started at the age of 10. So if I look back writing has always been something I enjoy and to get all that junk of my chest. Also it's fascinating the things I wrote about it sounds so naive to me. Back... Continue Reading →

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