Injury update | After 7 days

Hello Everyone this is my update to my post Did you know! Because I sure didn't!. So let's take a look what it looked like. The first time taking off the bandaged was hell! It hurt so much because it dried onto the wound! Horror I felt so weak afterwards... Ok I was hungry and … Continue reading Injury update | After 7 days

Mad Teddy

Happy Halloween!

Hello Everyone I know it's kinda late already but HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Have fun! Love Rin_/(^_^)

So nice

Hey Everybun Hoom made us an all you can eat buffet... but we still have to wait for it to grow. 😣 We got some grass, some parsley and carrots. (which will probably end with us only having greens) 😍 Can't wait to eat all of it. Your Aoi