My Hair | My Challenge

Hello Everyone today I had a talk with my boss and I told him that if my hair gets out of hand, to his liking, he should tell me. He replied "If not now when then?". ... So I colored my hair! I still had some Color Freedom Pink dye and Color Vista turquoise and... Continue Reading →


Fluffy is fluffy again

Hello Everybun first I want to apologize that there was no Bunny-Talk last week. Hoom has a new job and is mostly tired after work. But it does seem like she's going back into the office. Right now she's working in a warehouse. She doesn't mind the walking but does complain a lot about the... Continue Reading →

It happened again…

Hey Everybun she did it again! It has been somewhat two months... but honestly it wasn't THAT much! I guess I'll lose some more fur in about two months. Will it ever end? Love Fluffy

Colour Freedom by Knight & Wilson

Hey Everyone Yesterday I changed my hair color but mostly because I really wanted to test out the semi-permanent hair dye by Knight & Wilson. First I'll show what my hair looked like before. As you can see I had really pink hair and also my roots were showing quite a bit. At the ends... Continue Reading →

Haircut 2.0

Hey Guys Last Friday on June 10th, I went to my hairdresser and got myself a brand new HAIRCUT! Why I did it? You know I bleached my Hair 3 times within 3 months at the end of last year and because of that my ends were REALLY damaged. It looked so bad!!! I was... Continue Reading →

German Poem #1

Bei meinem Haar ist ein Igel rar. Ich mag mein Haar ehr lang drum lass' ich selten eine Schere ran. Doch ist mein Haar verzaust zu sehr muss ein Kamm schnellstens her. Rin Yamashita _〆(。。)


Hey Guys yesterday my dear friend took precious time for my hair and we totally needed it! So we set a date to colour my hair again this month, I have to say it was the third time in a row. Also my hair roots are really disturbed right now because I bleached my hair... Continue Reading →

Sabishii Talk

Sabishii: That's very interesting! And indeed a very good reason! 8x4: What are you talking about? Saishii: Crimson is a beautiful colour and it suits you really good. 8x4: I'm blue you know...- ___- Sabishii: And this black hair is so soft. *__* 8x4: HEY! Don't ignore me! I don't have hair! Sabishii: Your eyes... Continue Reading →

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