How to build a organizer for your incoming Mail

Hey Everyone I always had the bad habit of throwing my mail everywhere and while getting my apartment organized this year I would always find more unsorted mail... So I thought of putting my mail in a container and once a week I would look through it and put everything away. There was just one... Continue Reading →


So sad

Hey Everybun Hoom made us an all you can eat buffet and today she had to trow it away. There was mold on top on the earth ... She still has the parsley and carrots but it doesn't look good for them either. Hoom thinks that it was the wrong dirt. Her dad said she... Continue Reading →

It’s nicely growing

Hey Everybun how are you doing? In our last post we told you hoom made us an all you can eat buffet. Now we thought we show you how much it has grown. Soon we can start eating it. The Parsley didn't seem to grow (last picture) so hoom put some more seeds on top... Continue Reading →

DIY Pinwall

Hello my Friends Today I want to show you how you can get a Pinwall for a low budget. You need Canvas Drawing pins as much as needed Pictures or postcards  Be sure you have enough material or space also you can always add something later on. Then all you have left to do is... Continue Reading →

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