My Inspire me Notebook/ mini Review Leuchtturm 1917

Hello Everyone today I've got something a little bit different for you. Instead of a written blog post¬† about my new notebook and it's purpose I made a little video. It also has a little review in it about Leuchttrum 1917 in purple in pocket-size. Note: at some point I talk about a land-cart... I... Continue Reading →


Review Pilot Juice Gel-pens 0.5

Hey Everyone for a while now I've been using the pilot juice pens and they are my go-to pen when I'm writing with something other than a fountain pen. They don't skip while writing. They come in different colors. They have a clip on top so you can clip them onto your papers. I have... Continue Reading →

Frixion Pastel Highlighters

Hey everyone today I wanted to talk about the Frixion Pastel Highlighters. First... I LOVE THEM! I started Bullet Journaling in March and I got sucked in badly. Within the community there are a view¬†products that basically everyone has like Tombow dual brush pens, Zebra Mildliners, Leuchtturm 1917 notebook and so on... Even thou Tombow... Continue Reading →

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