Honestly I've got no clue lost my touch lost my tune. My rhyme is off somehow my flow has stopped. Please allow me some time to come back alive with poems that inspire. I've got two more blogs one about what comes to mind and one with bunnies on the side. Rin__/(^^)


My Index

Hey Everyone Today is all about my Index. Well it sounds like this will be a really long post ... well.... it won't be.   First you should know that I structured my Leuchtturm 1917 into two sections. The first section starts from the front: There you can find five different collections: Random facts about me,... Continue Reading →

Bunny Talk

Aoi: Fluffy did you see the results from the selection from last Sunday? Fluffy: No I haven't. Aoi: It's really embarrassing! So many people voted for the AfD (alternative for Germany) and especially in the east! Fluffy: Aha... Aoi: You don't care hmm... They are really extremely right-winged! Fluffy: Maybe something will finally change. Who... Continue Reading →


Hey Everyone before I started my Leuchttrum 1917 which holds my current Bullet Journal I did a trial. For that I used a cheap sketch book and I did it the way many in the BuJo community do. I had my future log and monthlies, my weeklies and here and there between my calendar where... Continue Reading →

Conversation with my 14 year old me

Hey Everyone in one of my challenges I had the task "A Letter to my younger self". I hope you enjoy my version of it. 26 y.o.:“Wahh my breasts where so small back then.” 14 y.o.:“Wait they didn’t stop growing?” 26 y.o.:“Well… no.” 14 y.o.:“So why are you here?” 26 y.o.:“Me? Oh I thought I... Continue Reading →

I Found this awesome Poem!

Left. They all have left. There is nothing left, that I have kept. The arguments swept; A lack of depth in conversation. Our situation has stopped rotation. We are no longer friends, just unfinished ends. I was sad before, but I’m not anymore because you closed your door. You were the one who shut the […]... Continue Reading →

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