Star Wars (50th Post)

Hey Guys

My friend called me earlier this day and asked me if I had time. Well I’m on my holidays so of cause I DO HAVE TIME. Then she said her brother fell ill and that he can’t make it to go to the movie, they wanted to watch.

Now I’m not gonna be sitting at home, NOOO, I’m going to watch Star Wars 7 even though I haven’t watched 2 to 6 but who cares? (◍˃̶ᗜ˂̶◍)ノ”

When I’m back I’ll tell you everything.

Rin Yamashita _〆(。。)


Hey Guys

yesterday my dear friend took precious time for my hair and we totally needed it! So we set a date to colour my hair again this month, I have to say it was the third time in a row. Also my hair roots are really disturbed right now because I bleached my hair every month up to now. That makes 3 times! THAT’S CRAZY! Can anybody please stop me!?

Well this time we needed 5 hours to finish but take a look for yourself! It’s amazing! Don’t you think?


Rin Yamashita _〆(。。)


Hey Guys

Yesterday I went to my tattoo artist for the 3rd time. We noticed that my left side on my back is way more sensible than my right side. I was almost completely quite and still but whenever he came closer to the left side of my back I was a disaster… No wonder that I thought I was in hell when he did the tiger. (ू′o‵ ू)*✲゚

Well now after the last season the outlines of my dragon is on my back and it looks amazing. Can’t wait to see the dragon in its colours. ◦°˚\(*❛‿❛)/˚°◦

I’ll post a picture after it is healed.

Love ya

Rin Yamashita  _〆(。。)


Hey guys,

for weeks I crave for pomegranate mixed with yogurt.

Guess what’s not available? And it’s not the damn yogurt!

So i try out drinks that should taste like it, well should…


Rin Yamashita  _〆(。。)

Summer day

Today was way too much heat!!!

Rin Yamashita _〆(。。)

Rin Yamashita

Like ice, I’m melting
and the wind is so not helping.
The sun is burning like crazy,
nobody dares to be hazy.
Sitting in this shitty tram
is like walking through the flame.
Where can I find a place all shady?
To be nothing but lazy!
Enjoy your very hot days!
Rin Yamashita _〆(。。)

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once in a while there’re good news!

Hey Guys,

I told you that my frist internship was important for my career!

Now the BIG NEWS: I got my trainee place by Schokoladenwerk in Pößneck!!! ヾ(@゜▽゜@)ノ

Besides Today my friend came over and we made dishes… Pizza with a lot of cheese and Onigiri (rice balls) and strawberries and carrots with citrus. I ate too much! I have left the Onigiri and carrots…

Have a nice day!

Rin Yamashita _〆(。。)