Tattoo Yes? No? Maybe? #3|Getting Started

Hello Everyone If you haven't read part 1 and part 2 yet please check it out. Today I want to show you a way on How to start with your Tattoo! This is only my version it will differ to each person. I hope this becomes a guideline for you. This is in no particular... Continue Reading →


Tattoo Yes? No? Maybe? #2

Hello Everyone to todays 2nd post about Tattoos. Here you can read the first one. Todays host is Fluffy. Please welcome him for this interview. Me: Thank you Fluffy for coming. Fluffy: I was around anyway. So its fine. Me: Shall we start? Fluffy: How much does a Tattoo cost? Me: It depends on the... Continue Reading →

Tattoo Yes? No? Maybe? #1

Hello Everyone please welcome our host for today. Welcome Aoi and thank you for being here. Aoi: I want a treat for this! Me: Yes you'll get a treat. Aoi: Ok let's get this going. What is todays topic again? Me: Tattoos. (Is this going to be fine?) Aoi: Ahh... Ok first question: Do you... Continue Reading →

Promised Tattoo Update

Hey Guys I promised a while ago an update about my back-tattoo-piece. Without further redo: When my artist did the red parts it felt like torture but the last time I went to get the black part done there were almost no pain at all. I'm sure that the next session will be hell for me... Continue Reading →

Update Tattoo

Hey Guys in my last post Tattoo I promised to upload some pictures to let you see what it looks like. It's not finished yet so have mercy. ^^ If you have any questions ask me. ^^ Hope you enjoyed your day. Love Rin Yamashita  _〆(。。)


Hey Guys Yesterday I went to my tattoo artist for the 3rd time. We noticed that my left side on my back is way more sensible than my right side. I was almost completely quite and still but whenever he came closer to the left side of my back I was a disaster... No wonder... Continue Reading →

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