Why should I even apply?

Hey Everyone

I’m back to scare one … back to finding a job. Really shitty that it didn’t work out where I had my trail week. It would have been nice to get a chance! Honestly could someone please tell me WHY I SHOULD EVEN APPLY TO A JOB OFFER?

You know I looked up some offers and you know what they ALL tell you should have? Experience! Jepp, so basically I’m screwed because I don’t have it and you know why because I just finished my trainee! So how am I gonna get EXPERIENCE If no one’s gonna give me a chance on gaining some?

That’s also the reason I didn’t get the job in the first place. You know what’s worse? My trainee time where I worked at the company doesn’t count as EXPERIENCE! THAT JUST SUCKS!

If it wasn’t an EXPERIENCE than please tell what I did the past 3 years of my life!

Yours Rin__/(°_°)

Review Zebra Mildliners

Hey Everyone

ever since I’ve started my Bullet Journal I got sucked into all the stuff the bujo-community hypes about. I could make a post out of stuff I bought because of that.

Wait… That’s a good idea! But not for today.

Today is all about one of many hyped things. The Zebra Mildliners!

As always I tested them in my Leuchttrum 1917 in A4 size and they do not bleed through but they do ghost a little. I have the most common colors that means 15 pens in total. Honestly I only bought them because there where a discount on them. After using them I noticed that I prefer pastel colors in my bujo when I highlight and such. There are 4 pastel like colors, 3 colors like normal highlight and the rest is pretty strong in terms of color vibrancy.

They are dual ended and you get a thick side and a thinner side. It’s easy to highlight with the thicker side cause it’s already shaped like a highlighter. With the thinner side you can easily write but also do more prize highlighting.

I like them but I think I would be fine without them too. If you are someone who is just starting out then you don’t really need them. They aren’t cheap and depending on where you live shipping will take quiet some time.

If you want highlighters try the Frixion pastel Highlighters.

Do you have the Zebra Mildliners? What do you think about them? Let me know in the comments.

Rin _〆(。。)

Review Pilot Juice Gel-pens 0.5

Hey Everyone

for a while now I’ve been using the pilot juice pens and they are my go-to pen when I’m writing with something other than a fountain pen.

They don’t skip while writing. They come in different colors. They have a clip on top so you can clip them onto your papers. I have the 12 pen pack in 0.5 and I use them in my Bullet Journal which is a Leuchtturm 1917 in A5 size and there’s only a tiny ghosting barely visible. The silicone grip makes it really comfortable to write with and you have a secure hold of them.

I don’t regret one cent I spent on them.

Even thou I only have the 12 color set there are more on the market and I’m sure one will suit your taste. And you’re gonna LOVE that PEN!

Did you try out these amazing pens? Do you like them as much as I do? Let me know in the comments down below.

Love you
Rin _〆(。。)

10 things I’ve noticed since I’ve started to live alone

Hey Everyone

after living alone for 5 years I’ve started to notice a view things. … Some I miss. Some I don’t. Some are just a mystery why they happen in the first place.

Without further redo …

Here are my Top 10

  1. I can’t really cook! Only some easy fast stuff like noodles … I really miss my mothers cooking.
  2. I always forget to take out tissues from the pockets… Even if I look through them all … I always miss a spot and end up washing at least 1 tissue!
  3. Dust accumulates really FAST. I never noticed it while living with my mother but since I started to live alone I have to do it … guess what … I hate it …  I have to admit that I have two bunnies. Why can’t they do it?
  4. cleaning dishes SUCKS… I don’t have the luxury of having a dish washer so I do it. For the last view days I did it everyday and because of that first it ain’t much second it goes faster… Still sucks BIG time!
  5. The fridge doesn’t refill itself. When you live with your mother she does the shopping mostly and so it seems that the fridge refills itself. I miss it!
  6. Folding your clothes directly on top of the clothes horse goes faster than throwing it onto the chair first. At least for me it works and I have a two-day rhythm of washing and folding clothes.
  7. You don’t have Eastern all year! I totally do not miss the searching when I need something. My mother always put away the stuff I needed and then I would have to search it because my mother barely remembered where she put it.
  8. Sometimes I miss it other times I don’t. The nagging to clean up the room! I think everyone knows what I’m talking about.
  9. It is easier to find your own organization system. Well it does take some time to find your own organization system that really suits you. If you’re the kind of person that used to live in a chaos … like me.
  10. BTW It’s easier to do when you own LESS stuff. Decluttering on a regular basis like every 2 months or keeping a box where you trow in everything you don’t need. Helps a lot. When the box is full give it away or sell it. That way it stays out of your apartment.

Did you noticed other things? Let me know in the comments down below.

Love you
Rin _〆(。。)

4 things I do not need to be Happy

Hey Everyone

Here are my top 4 of things that I don’t need to be Happy.

  • Drugs (Alcohol, Cigarettes, typical Drugs)

I really don’t like it when I don’t have 100% control over myself. It’s not like I can’t handle a little bit of alcohol because I can. It’s just that I really dislike the taste of alcohol itself it’s just disgusting to me. That fact applies to cigarettes too like alcohol and drugs there bad for your body. But when you smoke you’re not just damaging your body but from others around you too. For me kissing a person who smokes is like kissing an ashtray. To sum it up it’s a waste of money …  So don’t pick up such habits in the first place.

  • Money

To be really happy I don’t need money because I’m the happiest when I’m together with my friends and family. Even more when we’re playing board games, but no monopoly! I don’t like that game.

  • expensive Items

I don’t care for the price tag like others as long as it suits me.
Just say it’s your Birthday and you’re getting tons of expensive presents. In the first moment while unwrapping your gifts you feel happy but you’re still ain’t happy after you’re done. Why? Because you’re all alone on your Birthday or people show up but the only thing they are doing is to play with their mobile and you can’t hold a conversation with them at all. …
For me the best present that someone can give me is their time and their attention. Playing games, talking or just being stupid and having tons of fun together.

  • Going to party

I’m not someone who likes to stay around a lot of people for too long. It is really tiring to me. So going to party every day or weekend is way to much besides I treasure my sleep in the night way to much for that. I’m no good when I haven’t slept much either. Also the music that is played in most clubs ain’t to my taste to begin with. But it’s fine once or twice a year.  … I guess…

What is it that you don’t need to be happy? Leave a comment down below.

Love you.
Rin _〆(。。)

Dear Chester Bennington

It’s been one week since you left our world. Today I want to tell you that your fans, your friends and your family misses you a lot. Even someone like me, who takes joy in listening to the music you created, is grieving.

I wouldn’t say that I am a fan but I really enjoy your music. The song “Castle of Glass” really got to me as well as “Breaking the Habit”, “Numb” and “Crawling”.  These are my most favorite. It’s really sad that I never got to see one of your Concerts … time never was right … what a stupid excuse.

One week ago you died and the world lost one of its amazing music artists. Even thou you’ll live on in your music it’s still never gonna be the same.

Today I want to thank you for your music, your hard work and for everything that you’ve done.

Thank you dear Chester Bennington.

Rin _〆(。。)

Why I like to Bullet Journal!

Hey Everyone

Today I’m going to tell you, why I like to Bullet Journal.


I like the flexibility that comes with it. You see the Bullet Journal system is really easy and you can adjust EVERYTHING from layout, design to fonts and colors.  If you’re someone who likes to draw then why not make everything in your journal artistic? What ever you choose to do and at the end if it works FOR YOU then roll with it.

As for me, I like to highlight things with colors and try new layouts and designs. My Bullet Journal isn’t really artistic and more of a minimalistic Bullet Journal but I’m in love with it.


Maximize your space! Do you ever had a planner and you thought … Shit there are so many blank pages? Or Shit I could use more space than that?
That is something you won’t have in a Bullet Journal. You might have some spaces that are blank but you can easily fill them with some drawings or Stickers. Sure you can do that in a planner too but doing so on whole pages that you could have used for planning?

I like to do the yearly overview, the monthly and the weekly. For now this is enough as my workload gets more I’ll also do some dailies. Even thou there are things that don’t really work I always have the option to chance things up in the next week. That way I’ll find out what works best for me.


The collections are one of my favorites! These are lists or other stuff you don’t want to forget like  the books you’ve read. Or movies you’ve watched. Or you include a memories page for the month or for the year. There you can draw or clue stuff in you want to remember. You could use it as a why to collect ideas for blogging or your YouTube channel. The ideas for this are endless …

As for me my most valued collections are:

1. Random facts about me,
2. My Reasons to be a minimalist,
3. 10 Level Life / 100 Life Goals


Tracking. The most useful tool I have ever got to know of! Tracking is what I do the most and you can track EVERYTHING! This is also part of the collections. I track a lot of things like my Tattoo appointments and the expenses I had. I know for a fact that I’ve spent too much money already … Or you could track your behavior, this is also most common in the BuJo Community, your mood, the weather, your health, your weight … ENDLESS!

Other things I keep track of are my fix cost per month, because they all get collected directly from my bank account, Anime I’ve watched (also my longest one), When was the last time I did …, Ideas for gifts, my Blog schedule (New). I’m in the middle of finding a new job so I use this method to keep track with my status of my applications.


The Index! Everything that you write in your Journal has a title and this title with it’s page-number is written down in the index on the first view pages. That way you can easily find what you’re looking for.


The Key/ Color coating! As for me I don’t have so many of them. I have a dot for task / Events and this ” – ” for any types of notes. If something is important I’ll add a ” ! “. For color coating I only do Birthdays in a dark green. That’s it.

You can do as much as you like with it for me I noticed less is more.

Love you
Rin _〆(。。)