My Hair| My Challenge | update after 6 months

Hello Everyone I'm back with an update of my hair challenge. As I mentioned in my first post in January I won't be cutting my Hair for a year besides little trims. You can read the whole thing here. Thanks to my friend Colorido Medio for putting all my pictures the way I wanted it … Continue reading My Hair| My Challenge | update after 6 months


BuJo Spreads of June 2018

Hello Everyone eventhou it's already mid July I still want to share my spreads for June 2018. I also combined it with some practice in GIMP photo editor. I hope you like it. Also if you want tto know how I did some of these spreads cheeck out my video.   Love Rin

Our first VLOG

Hello Everybun Hoom tried that VLOG thing for the first time this time. AOI: "Hey Fluffy did you see our VLOG?" FLUFFY: "VLOG? Is that something to eat? Where is it?" AOI: "NO! It's a new video about us! ... Hey Fluffy. Hello!!" FLUFFY: "zzZZZ" AOI: *sign* "Well I hope you enjoy." *looks at Fluffy* … Continue reading Our first VLOG