May 2018/Aoi Butterfly Update | Dairy Version

May. May where should I start? May 1st was my grandmas 15th anniversary and I really don't like to be alone on that day but this time none of my friends had time. But I was fine because I still had Aoi and Fluffy and my anime and mangas which are awesome to take your … Continue reading May 2018/Aoi Butterfly Update | Dairy Version


5 Year anniversary!

Hello everyone originally I wanted to talk about how annoying it is to always change from summer-time to winter-time! Also this weekend it comes again from winter-time to summer-time... REALLY GERMANY? I mean in Germany there are so many norms and such so why can't we make it clear which time it should be? Really … Continue reading 5 Year anniversary!


... my mind feels heavy Tired to the point of hopelessness My feed hurt and burn ... And hopefully my night doesn't fly by like last night. With that said Good night RinšŸ˜Ŗ

What I’ve done…

Look at what I've done I moved this blog to another one. In the future you will find what I would post right here on this blog no fear. At the end you'll get more hopefully from Monday to Friday for evermore. Rin __/(^_^)


Honestly I've got no clue lost my touch lost my tune. My rhyme is off somehow my flow has stopped. Please allow me some time to come back alive with poems that inspire. I've got two more blogs one about what comes to mind and one with bunnies on the side. Rin__/(^^)