Tattoo Yes? No? Maybe? #3|Getting Started

Hello Everyone If you haven't read part 1 and part 2 yet please check it out. Today I want to show you a way on How to start with your Tattoo! This is only my version it will differ to each person. I hope this becomes a guideline for you. This is in no particular... Continue Reading →


Did you know? Because I sure didn’t!

Hello Everyone At work on Tuesday I got myself a tiny splinter. That day I wanted to go to my doctor. I noticed the splinter 5 minutes before leaving work. With no time to take it out I thought ok my doctor could do it for me... After I told him what had happened he... Continue Reading →


... my mind feels heavy Tired to the point of hopelessness My feed hurt and burn ... And hopefully my night doesn't fly by like last night. With that said Good night Rin😪

What I’ve done…

Look at what I've done I moved this blog to another one. In the future you will find what I would post right here on this blog no fear. At the end you'll get more hopefully from Monday to Friday for evermore. Rin __/(^_^)


Honestly I've got no clue lost my touch lost my tune. My rhyme is off somehow my flow has stopped. Please allow me some time to come back alive with poems that inspire. I've got two more blogs one about what comes to mind and one with bunnies on the side. Rin__/(^^)


At first I didn't know what it would meant. 2016 a year of quite some chaos and pain. For some it left a hole in their hearts And souls were thrown of guard. So I hope even thou you have lost someone dear. You live on with no fear. Rin✒

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