5 Year anniversary!

Hello everyone originally I wanted to talk about how annoying it is to always change from summer-time to winter-time! Also this weekend it comes again from winter-time to summer-time... REALLY GERMANY? I mean in Germany there are so many norms and such so why can't we make it clear which time it should be? Really … Continue reading 5 Year anniversary!


Do you wanna know a secret? Yes, I wanna know. You really wanna know? Come on, tell me. What you seek is what you see, but what you get has never seen a ray of light. You still want to know? Just tell me! What you have, you never treasure, so someone took from you, … Continue reading secret


A common day like everyday. An education for life. A unbelievable urge to kill. To the corrupt astonishment the falling sleep people it begins again. It opens up its intelligent mouth and is talking such useful words. "I mean, we only want to interspersed our established right.", said it in his stupid flippancy.This unbelievable existing … Continue reading It