Do you wanna know a secret? Yes, I wanna know. You really wanna know? Come on, tell me. What you seek is what you see, but what you get has never seen a ray of light. You still want to know? Just tell me! What you have, you never treasure, so someone took from you,... Continue Reading →


How I started to hate the 1st may

β€œIn three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.” ― Robert Frost When I was 12 I had to learn the hard way that the people I love won't be there forever. It was the 1st May 2003 when it happened. A normal day like always, that's what I... Continue Reading →

The last Teardrop

Such a hot day. The sun was shining like crazy, made our special day bright. You stood right beside me, holding my hand. "Lets jump!", you said with a big smile and claimed over the rail. Stretched out your hand. I took it and followed you over the rail, from our bridge. We were crazy,... Continue Reading →

Mothers Present

Today you're turning 40 years and with this present I wanted to say "Thank you" Thank you Mama! You were born on 3rd July 1970 but I wasn't there. You went to school, slowly you get a hint, but about me you haven't thought yet. The finals came exams over exams, only a view years... Continue Reading →


A common day like everyday. An education for life. A unbelievable urge to kill. To the corrupt astonishment the falling sleep people it begins again. It opens up its intelligent mouth and is talking such useful words. "I mean, we only want to interspersed our established right.", said it in his stupid flippancy.This unbelievable existing... Continue Reading →

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