DIY Pinwall

Hello my Friends

Today I want to show you how you can get a Pinwall for a low budget.

You need

  1. wp-image-435747547jpg.jpgCanvas
  2. Drawing pins as much as needed
  3. Pictures or postcards wp-image-344523688jpg.jpg

Be sure you have enough material or space also you can always add something later on.

Then all you have left to do is pin it onto the wall. wp-image-1809406538jpg.jpg
You can order it however you like it…


After you’ve finished it could look like this…


Place it where you want it as decoration and tadaaaa….


It’s easy right?

Love you Rin ✒


Thank You P.C.Cast and Kristin Cast

Hey guys

shortly after getting my hair cut in June. I went again on 12th August and that’s how I left.

I had holidays from 25th July until 10th August and I have to admit I really needed it. It gave me strength to keep going because I was so extremely tiered of working and going to school. As you know I’m still a trainee and hopefully I’ll finish it next year in June with flying colors!

While on break I did what I haven’t been able to do lately and that was reading a really good book! I still had to finish my beloved series House of Night by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. I can’t believe she let ALL my favorite Characters DIE! Still I love the ending! Also I’m really happy that I bought it when I was in London (October 2010) and reading it in English, made me love this language even thou I hated it in the first place. My native language is German. That’s why I want to say Thank You P.C.Cast and Kristin Cast for opening my world to something that beautiful. Still I have to admit that out of all books I have read so far by P.C.Cast my most favorite book is Goddess of Spring.

If you wonder why I’m so madly in love with the author P.C.Cast it’s because while reading her books I can see the scene she’s writing about in front of my eyes. It makes me cry, really I cried at least once while reading, no matter which book it was! Especially when reading the goddess series. But also at the end of House of Night. It makes me laugh and sometime so hard that I cry! Really I can’t read her books in public because of it.

Now Kristin Cast also released a book called “Amber Smoke” and “Scarlet Rain” and I bought these two, to see if she’s able to do the crazy stuff her mother can do with me when I’m reading her books.

I’ll let you know later.

Rin o((*^▽^*))o


Haircut 2.0

Hey Guys

Last Friday on June 10th, I went to my hairdresser and got myself a brand new HAIRCUT!

Why I did it?

You know I bleached my Hair 3 times within 3 months at the end of last year and because of that my ends were REALLY damaged. It looked so bad!!! I was really depressed that my hair looked so ruined, but I wanted to finish the dye colour I still had left so I had to wait. Two weeks before the appointment I started counting and sometimes I wanted to just chop off my hair by myself… just like Britney Spears did but not THAT SHORT! Just cutting off, everything that was blue/ violet.

Here pictures from before.

When I finally sat in the chair I was so HAPPY and EXCITED. I already had a picture in mind how I wanted my hair but I also was open for something new. So I asked him what he would suggest. He asked what I think about short bangs… I said: “Please don’t. I sweat easily and I get pimples like crazy.” He replied he wouldn’t do because my face would look so small. “I would cut your hair shoulder leigh with layers.” , he said. I showed him my picture and told him that he said what I had in mind. Besides I was surprised because he was the first hairdresser, who didn’t want to cut short bangs.

Here pictures afterwards.

I feel SO MUCH BETTER NOW! My hair looks healthy again! Well as healthy as it can because I still dye my hair. It seems that I can’t stop it… it’s my entire hairs fault it has to be such an ugly natural hair colour!

A day later my friend came over and re-dyed my hair pink. We were done so fast! Even thou she stayed till midnight and we ate some delicious Pizza and staff like that.

I hope you had a beautiful week and an even better weekend.

Your Rin (=°-°)✎