My Hair | My Challenge

Hello Everyone today I had a talk with my boss and I told him that if my hair gets out of hand, to his liking, he should tell me. He replied "If not now when then?". ... So I colored my hair! I still had some Color Freedom Pink dye and Color Vista turquoise and... Continue Reading →


New Pictures #Wanted

Hello Everybun one of Hooms friends made these awesome wanted Posters from us and Hooms Logo! I think she did an awesome job what do you think? Here her social Media: Instagram Colorido Medio Twitter Colorido Medio Deviantart Colorido Medio YT Colorido Medio Please check her out she does a lot of art and other... Continue Reading →

Fluffy is fluffy again

Hello Everybun first I want to apologize that there was no Bunny-Talk last week. Hoom has a new job and is mostly tired after work. But it does seem like she's going back into the office. Right now she's working in a warehouse. She doesn't mind the walking but does complain a lot about the... Continue Reading →

Notification | Me on Deviantart

Hello Everyone I started to use Deviantart for everything ART related things I do. You can find me with this link or you click on the last Symbol in my heather. Deviantart is a webside where artists can publish their work. Be it a hobby or a professional. Art is art therefore it can be... Continue Reading →

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