Why should I even apply?

Hey Everyone I'm back to scare one ... back to finding a job. Really shitty that it didn't work out where I had my trail week. It would have been nice to get a chance! Honestly could someone please tell me WHY I SHOULD EVEN APPLY TO A JOB OFFER? You know I looked up... Continue Reading →



Hey guys, I'm trying really my best while doing my drivers lessons to do everything right like my teacher tells me to. But I just started and it is really annoying when he yells at me while I drive and try to not make the same mistakes again! And when I do my mistakes right... Continue Reading →


Hey Guys I saw this picture No. 14 and had the ogre to answer it. What does a quarter till 4 mean? Like why is it called that? Because a quarter is worth 25 Cents, so why is it 15 min? To answer this you have to know some basic math! First a quarter always... Continue Reading →

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