Why should I even apply?

Hey Everyone I'm back to scare one ... back to finding a job. Really shitty that it didn't work out where I had my trail week. It would have been nice to get a chance! Honestly could someone please tell me WHY I SHOULD EVEN APPLY TO A JOB OFFER? You know I looked up... Continue Reading →



Hey Guys yesterday my dear friend took precious time for my hair and we totally needed it! So we set a date to colour my hair again this month, I have to say it was the third time in a row. Also my hair roots are really disturbed right now because I bleached my hair... Continue Reading →

Washing Machine

Hey guys, :)yesterday  morning I wanted to wash my clothes and then my washing machine didn't work. The light was blinking by connection to the tap is disconnected. I thought, ok close the tap and reopen it again. So I tried it again and pushed the button START. Again the light was blinking. SHIT! Good... Continue Reading →

big difference!

Hey guys There is a big difference between doing something for the first time and being stupid! YES even if it's explained sometimes this is just confusing and you're afraid to do something wrong, because you know it's important! Too bad there are poeple who doesn't know! Rin Yamashita _〆(。。)

It’s harder than I thought

Hey guys for my next post I want to mix songs together to a new one.  I NEVER thought it would be so difficult or am I just making it difficult with the technique I use? ⁽⁽(ཀ д ཀ)⁾⁾ I looked for songs I like and the lines I like but just mixing it or... Continue Reading →

Anime Help!

Hey Guys I’m looking for an anime, which I really want to watch again but can’t find it. So here the things I know: 1. They wear red blazer. 2. The main female character has brown hair and wears glasses. She has A grades! 3. The main male character is a troublemaker and has blond... Continue Reading →

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