Washing Machine

Hey guys, 🙂

yesterday  morning I wanted to wash my clothes and then my washing machine didn’t work. The light was blinking by connection to the tap is disconnected. I thought, ok close the tap and reopen it again. So I tried it again and pushed the button START. Again the light was blinking. SHIT! Good thought it my be the hose which is blocked with whitewash, because we have really hard water. So I disconnected the hose and let water through it… it worked perfectly fine. The only thing left was the tap… hmmm. I held a bin under the tap and opened it. AHHH there comes almost nothing out of it.



So I called my Landlord and told him everything and he send me a plumber and he fixed it in the evening…
3:15 pm I could finally wash my clothes!! I was so happy!


Rin Yamashita  _〆(。。)



It’s harder than I thought

Hey guys

for my next post I want to mix songs together to a new one.  I NEVER thought it would be so difficult or am I just making it difficult with the technique I use? ⁽⁽(ཀ д ཀ)⁾⁾
I looked for songs I like and the lines I like but just mixing it or write it down in this order I searched it, won’t do… Σ(♡@﹏ @☆)ノ”

Well tomorrow is another post coming so look forward to it. After that you’ll see my “What happens when you mix your favourite lines from your favourite songs”. OMG that’s an awful long title… hope you don’t mind. ~(。☉︵ ಠ@)>

If you have something you want me to do than let me know in the comments. へ(。•ิ‿ -〃)
I think I’ll do some more of this “What happens…” series.

Enjoy your day

Rin Yamashita _〆(。。)

Anime Help!

Hey Guys

I’m looking for an anime, which I really want to watch again, but can’t find.

So here the things I know: 1. They wear red blazer. 2. The main female character has brown hair and wears glasses. She has A grades!
3. The main male character is a troublemaker and has blond in his hair. he lives in a drometry or something but his uncle is looking after him and works in there.

They both meet at school while he is lying on the ground at school.

Please subscribe if you know the anime! *-* I really wanna watch it again!

Rin Yamashita _〆(。。)