Hair dye / mix of colors

Hello Everyone, today I took it upon myself again! I died my hair. I filmed it in one go but for some reason I ended up with to videos at the end. So I made two parts. Please enjoy! As you saw in the video the violet by Color Vista wasn't enough so … Continue reading Hair dye / mix of colors


My Index

Hey Everyone Today is all about my Index. Well it sounds like this will be a really long post ... well.... it won't be.   First you should know that I structured my Leuchtturm 1917 into two sections. The first section starts from the front: There you can find five different collections: Random facts about me, … Continue reading My Index


Hey my Friends, Lately I'm into making chocolate. It's so much fun and somehow I find it really relaxing. This was my second try out and tomorrow it will be the final. I thought it's perfect as a gift for Christmas. What do you think? Enjoy your day Rin✒