May 2018/Aoi Butterfly Update | Dairy Version

May. May where should I start? May 1st was my grandmas 15th anniversary and I really don't like to be alone on that day but this time none of my friends had time. But I was fine because I still had Aoi and Fluffy and my anime and mangas which are awesome to take your … Continue reading May 2018/Aoi Butterfly Update | Dairy Version

5 Year anniversary!

Hello everyone originally I wanted to talk about how annoying it is to always change from summer-time to winter-time! Also this weekend it comes again from winter-time to summer-time... REALLY GERMANY? I mean in Germany there are so many norms and such so why can't we make it clear which time it should be? Really … Continue reading 5 Year anniversary!

Our first VLOG

Hello Everybun Hoom tried that VLOG thing for the first time this time. AOI: "Hey Fluffy did you see our VLOG?" FLUFFY: "VLOG? Is that something to eat? Where is it?" AOI: "NO! It's a new video about us! ... Hey Fluffy. Hello!!" FLUFFY: "zzZZZ" AOI: *sign* "Well I hope you enjoy." *looks at Fluffy* … Continue reading Our first VLOG