For our cages … Isn’t it a little bit too much Hoom?

Hello Everybun, Hoom saw last Sunday that our pellets are discounted which she puts inside our cages. So she thought why not order now and safe some cash.... Well there was a bug in the system and so she thought it didn't work the first time. Half an hour later she tried again now it... Continue Reading →


Last weekend we had no escape!!!

Hello Everybun Last weekend she did IT! We had no chance of escaping and had to submit. It was horror I tell you! You won't believe me but she ... .... ... she cut our claws! I'm still terrified.   Love Aoi

New Pictures #Wanted

Hello Everybun one of Hooms friends made these awesome wanted Posters from us and Hooms Logo! I think she did an awesome job what do you think? Here her social Media: Instagram Colorido Medio Twitter Colorido Medio Deviantart Colorido Medio YT Colorido Medio Please check her out she does a lot of art and other... Continue Reading →

Fluffy is fluffy again

Hello Everybun first I want to apologize that there was no Bunny-Talk last week. Hoom has a new job and is mostly tired after work. But it does seem like she's going back into the office. Right now she's working in a warehouse. She doesn't mind the walking but does complain a lot about the... Continue Reading →

My update Video

Hello Everybun, Hoom wanted to make new introduction videos of Aoi and me and on Monday she started with me. She even drew in some things to think about before getting a rabbit. I hope you like it. Let's get started!   Hope you liked it. Like and subscribe. Love Rin_/(^_^)

Now on YouTube

Hello Everybun after 3 long years there's a new video from us on YouTube! It's not our update video yet. We want it to be more of how we live and so on. We should get that friend of hers on board... What do you think Fluffy? Fluffy: "..." *sign* When did he fall asleep?... Continue Reading →

Did you know… #FunFact

Hey Everybun did you know that Aoi and I each were introduced on YouTube? Aoi Video My Video They're pretty old so I'll tell Hoom to make new ones soon. When they're out I'll let you know. Love Fluffy

It happened again…

Hey Everybun she did it again! It has been somewhat two months... but honestly it wasn't THAT much! I guess I'll lose some more fur in about two months. Will it ever end? Love Fluffy

Bunny Talk

Aoi: Fluffy did you see the results from the selection from last Sunday? Fluffy: No I haven't. Aoi: It's really embarrassing! So many people voted for the AfD (alternative for Germany) and especially in the east! Fluffy: Aha... Aoi: You don't care hmm... They are really extremely right-winged! Fluffy: Maybe something will finally change. Who... Continue Reading →

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