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Hello Everyone I'm sorry for being off-line for so long! I wasn't feeling well and I was totally lazy too. Anyways I uploaded two videos! First video is from 2 days ago it's my flip through my BuJo 2017! I hope you like it if you do give it a thumbs up! https://youtu.be/EESwtc9Xt3k   Second... Continue Reading →


BuJo spreads|that didn’t work out

Hello everyone on Tuesday I showed you BuJo spreads|the ones that worked for me. So for today I'll show you the ones that didn't work out. Let's get started! I hope you enjoyed todays blog if so: like and comment down below. Love Rin __/(^-^)

My Washi Tape Collection

Hello Everyone today is all about Washi Tape. It hasn't been long since I've started my Bullet Journal and as I mentioned before I got sucked in. Badly! That was also the first time I found Washi Tape. There are cute ones, neon, dotted, striped and all sorts of colours. Don't forget all the season... Continue Reading →

My Index

Hey Everyone Today is all about my Index. Well it sounds like this will be a really long post ... well.... it won't be.   First you should know that I structured my Leuchtturm 1917 into two sections. The first section starts from the front: There you can find five different collections: Random facts about me,... Continue Reading →

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