My Hair| My Challenge | update after 6 months

Hello Everyone

I’m back with an update of my hair challenge. As I mentioned in my first post in January I won’t be cutting my Hair for a year besides little trims.

You can read the whole thing here.

Thanks to my friend Colorido Medio for putting all my pictures the way I wanted it so you can clearly see how my hair grew.

Well then let’s start with a complete overview from January to July.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Please keep in mind that my friend had to adjust a lot because I took the pictures in different perspectives every single time so in some pictures it’s not as obvious.

Also in February I went to get a trim which I do every 6 to 7 months because getting rid of split and dead ends is important to ensure length.

Why? They will break up or start to look nasty and I personally can’t stand it.

Well here are the before an after pictures and you’ll see there wasn’t cut off much.


In March it already had grown back so it’s fine.

As today I’m writing this I went to my hairstylist and cut off my dead and splitted ends again. So if you want to see the final pictures stay tuned as this challenge continues for another 6 months.

Right now my hair is at a length when I always decide to cut it off again. No surprise that I never got REALLY long hair that way.

Love Rin

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