5 Year anniversary!

Hello everyone originally I wanted to talk about how annoying it is to always change from summer-time to winter-time! Also this weekend it comes again from winter-time to summer-time... REALLY GERMANY? I mean in Germany there are so many norms and such so why can't we make it clear which time it should be? Really … Continue reading 5 Year anniversary!

My Bunny Routine | Hoom our slave

Hello Everybun today is all about Hoom and how we're making her work for us! "Aoi what the hell are you saying!" First thing in the morning Hoom does is to provide us with food. "No, I brush my teeth and get ready for the day." Hoom why don't we have a schedule? "Because there … Continue reading My Bunny Routine | Hoom our slave

Our first VLOG

Hello Everybun Hoom tried that VLOG thing for the first time this time. AOI: "Hey Fluffy did you see our VLOG?" FLUFFY: "VLOG? Is that something to eat? Where is it?" AOI: "NO! It's a new video about us! ... Hey Fluffy. Hello!!" FLUFFY: "zzZZZ" AOI: *sign* "Well I hope you enjoy." *looks at Fluffy* … Continue reading Our first VLOG