Anniversary | Minimalism

Hello Everyone

my journey as a minimalist started somewhat one year ago. So far it went really good and smoothly.

How did I start?

Firstly and mainly I decluttered my apartment. More and more as I started to get comfortable to get rid of stuff (I didn’t decluttered before). If you want to start then start little by little that way you don’t regret it.

How did I decide on what I can toss out?

Things I didn’t use over the past 6 month or for longer also things I couldn’t remember I had them in the first place.

What did I declutter?

  • books
  • old paper stuff (school stuff from before my trainee)
  • Items I didn’t use like decoration, old folders, pen and pencils,

in general a lot of old unused stationery.



Clothes I didn’t like anymore, that didn’t fit and the ones that were damaged. Some I replaced with new ones especially pants. That way I was able fit it in only in the one side of my high-board with the Lila X on it.
I decluttered tree times within that one year.


We all know about that one! We got about 40 to 50 pairs of shoes but only wear that one pair or maybe switch between 2 or 3 pairs of shoes. I still can’t believe I had that many and also that I’m around 10 pairs of shoes now! I’m so proud of myself. The ones I wear now are worn out so I’ll switch out and replace them soon. Honestly I dislike shopping for shoes at the moment because they aren’t to my liking and if so they are to expensive for me.

In my Bathroom I decluttered…

  • make-up
  • towels
  • used up old cleaning products
  • old hair color that I never used because I decided to change my hair color at the beginning¬† of 2015. (Left before, right after)
  • scrunchy


I had so many of them and I mainly used about 3 different ones so I kept 4 and the rest ended up as a carpet for my Bunnies Aoi and Fluffy who were happy to destroy it for me. As for sheets I only have tree left which I want to replace because they are old and in bad conditions.

My Kitchen

At the end of last year I decluttered my kitchen. Finally! Even thou at first I never saw it that way but in that moment I thought “Why do I need all these drink-glasses and cups? I never have so many people over that I might even need that many! Let alone that I use the at all.”


  • printed ones are done
  • digital not yet, they are so many I don’t feel up to it yet.


  • my table had to leave and was replaced with a shelf
  • two wardrobes not replaced
  • one sideboard replaced with a small chest of drawers
  • I also cleaned out the ones I had in my basement!


  • cable I didn’t know where they belonged to and ones I didn’t use anymore
  • my old monitor (my step-dad has the whole computer now)
  • Cellphones, but left one as a back up.
  • old WiFi box
  • e-book reader

The one thing that made me the happiest person in the WORLD!

OMG it felt so good!
After my Oral exam which I passed I tossed out ALL MY SCHOOL RELATED STUFF!
Written papers into the trash. Book were sold. That was the first thing I did after arriving at home!
The only thing I kept were my English book.

I also did a video check it out!!

Today was a little bit longer but I hope you liked it and got some inspiration for yourself.

See you soon
Love Rin

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