Hair dye / mix of colors

Hello Everyone,

today I took it upon myself again! I died my hair. I filmed it in one go but for some reason I ended up with to videos at the end. So I made two parts.

Please enjoy!

As you saw in the video the violet by Color Vista wasn’t enough so I went in with my pink! Oh… How much I missed it! I haven’t used it since June 2017 and went blond at the beginning of July 2017. I do have patchy spots and the violet also didn’t take to my roots so I probably gonna do a retouch in a view weeks. But I do enjoy the blue/green part.

The violet by Color Vista was a waste of money. I don’t like the color at all.

The mermaid green by Got2b is more blue than green.

Here are some pictures…

I’ll show you some day time pictures tomorrow on my Instagram.

See you next time.

Love Rin

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