Tattoo Yes? No? Maybe? #1

Hello Everyone

please welcome our host for today. foto0981
Welcome Aoi and thank you for being here.

Aoi: I want a treat for this!

Me: Yes you’ll get a treat.

Aoi: Ok let’s get this going. What is todays topic again?

Me: Tattoos. (Is this going to be fine?)

Aoi: Ahh… Ok first question: Do you like Tattoos?

Me: Yes I do. They are art to me through people express themselves.

Aoi: Do you have Tattoos yourself? If so where on your body?

Me: Yes I have four tattoos. One on my right foot, on my left side on my neck, and two on my back. Although  one will be covered up because it won’t fit into my new big piece.

Aoi: Will you get the tattoo which will be covered up anywhere else on your body again?

Me: I don’t know yet. Originally I wanted to but somehow it doesn’t feel right to me.

Aoi: Don’t you like the motive anymore?

Me: No I still like it. But I when I designed it, it was meant to be on my back between my shoulders and I still don’t want it anywhere else. It’s this motives place and I think it should stay there. So I won’t get it anywhere else again.

Aoi: Last question: Do you have big tattoos or small once?

Me: Three out of four are small once and my newest piece on my back is a big one and isn’t finished yet.

Aoi: Thank you for reading and until Thursday which will be hosted by Fluffy. Good Night.

Me: Thank you Aoi, here is your treat.

*Aoi jumps away*

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Love Rin_/(^__^)


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