Hey Everyone

before I started my Leuchttrum 1917 which holds my current Bullet Journal I did a trial. For that I used a cheap sketch book and I did it the way many in the BuJo community do. I had my future log and monthlies, my weeklies and here and there between my calendar where collections.

A Total Chaos for me!

That’s not how my brain works. That’s not what I wanted. That just doesn’t work for me.

So after testing it out for 3 months I bought my Leuchtturm 1917 an started using it in June 2017. This time I changed it … MY STRUCTURE. I decided that all my collections go in the back of my book and my calendar would be in the front of my BuJo.

I did make an exception for five collections because I thought I would view them more than I’m currently doing.

At some point my calendar and my collections will meet in the middle.

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