How to build a organizer for your incoming Mail

Hey Everyone

I always had the bad habit of throwing my mail everywhere and while getting my apartment organized this year I would always find more unsorted mail… So I thought of putting my mail in a container and once a week I would look through it and put everything away.

There was just one problem… The mail that was still in continuing which I couldn’t put away yet. It would always get mixed up with the other mail. Chaos makes me restless lately so I thought… hmmm… what I could do?

Well I looked through my apartment and found these added clue and something to hold it together while it would dry.


Depending on how you want to sort your mail you would need less or more storage. I want to sort them by unfinished, continuing and finished.

Now take 20170802_121035the first one and add some clue all over it.

Then put a second one on top and secure them together.

Repeat step one and two until you assembled all your layers.

It should look like this  –>

I undid the put together form so I could put some weight onto it so it would stick together better.

Let it dry over night and on the next day when you put it back together it should  look like this.


Now put it where you want it to be and sort in your mail. I sorted it from top to bottom in following order unfinished, continuing and finished.


I hope you enjoyed my little DIY.

Rin __/(^_^)

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