Hey Everyone

I was amazed when I found my old dairies because I started at the age of 10. So if I look back writing has always been something I enjoy and to get all that junk of my chest.

Also it’s fascinating the things I wrote about it sounds so naive to me. Back then I still tried to find Love and somehow still believed in it but I was also questioning it existence. While now I think love is something that grows over time especially when you start to see the lowest points of your partner. I stopped believing in the words “I love You” too. They are an illusion, an excuse or a means to an end to get whatever it is they want.

I wonder how old were you when you first started journaling may it be a dairy or something else?

My first diary I finished 2005 and then  I started a new one 2006. My next one I started 2010 still in use because I don’t write that much lately halfway through thou. I know that I used an online dairy in between these years but I don’t know if I have the data from it…

It seems that I had quite the low point back then because there was really a time when I wished to never have been born. Today I’m happy I was born and to live. Sure life isn’t easy and you really have to stand up for yourself. So I learned how to get through rough times. Somehow that makes me incredibly HAPPY.

Do you keep your old journals? Do you read them from time to time? And wishes to go back in time and tell your younger self “Everything will be ok.”?

When I read my old diary it also feels like I was a completely different person back then. I changed so much. I can’t believe that I still have my friends from back then and that they kept walking next to me.



Love Rin ❤


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