Why should I even apply?

Hey Everyone

I’m back to scare one … back to finding a job. Really shitty that it didn’t work out where I had my trail week. It would have been nice to get a chance! Honestly could someone please tell me WHY I SHOULD EVEN APPLY TO A JOB OFFER?

You know I looked up some offers and you know what they ALL tell you should have? Experience! Jepp, so basically I’m screwed because I don’t have it and you know why because I just finished my trainee! So how am I gonna get EXPERIENCE If no one’s gonna give me a chance on gaining some?

That’s also the reason I didn’t get the job in the first place. You know what’s worse? My trainee time where I worked at the company doesn’t count as EXPERIENCE! THAT JUST SUCKS!

If it wasn’t an EXPERIENCE than please tell what I did the past 3 years of my life!

Yours Rin__/(°_°)


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