4 things I do not need to be Happy

Hey Everyone

Here are my top 4 of things that I don’t need to be Happy.

  • Drugs (Alcohol, Cigarettes, typical Drugs)

I really don’t like it when I don’t have 100% control over myself. It’s not like I can’t handle a little bit of alcohol because I can. It’s just that I really dislike the taste of alcohol itself it’s just disgusting to me. That fact applies to cigarettes too like alcohol and drugs there bad for your body. But when you smoke you’re not just damaging your body but from others around you too. For me kissing a person who smokes is like kissing an ashtray. To sum it up it’s a waste of money …  So don’t pick up such habits in the first place.

  • Money

To be really happy I don’t need money because I’m the happiest when I’m together with my friends and family. Even more when we’re playing board games, but no monopoly! I don’t like that game.

  • expensive Items

I don’t care for the price tag like others as long as it suits me.
Just say it’s your Birthday and you’re getting tons of expensive presents. In the first moment while unwrapping your gifts you feel happy but you’re still ain’t happy after you’re done. Why? Because you’re all alone on your Birthday or people show up but the only thing they are doing is to play with their mobile and you can’t hold a conversation with them at all. …
For me the best present that someone can give me is their time and their attention. Playing games, talking or just being stupid and having tons of fun together.

  • Going to party

I’m not someone who likes to stay around a lot of people for too long. It is really tiring to me. So going to party every day or weekend is way to much besides I treasure my sleep in the night way to much for that. I’m no good when I haven’t slept much either. Also the music that is played in most clubs ain’t to my taste to begin with. But it’s fine once or twice a year.  … I guess…

What is it that you don’t need to be happy? Leave a comment down below.

Love you.
Rin _〆(。。)


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