Colour Freedom by Knight & Wilson

Hey Everyone

Yesterday I changed my hair color but mostly because I really wanted to test out the semi-permanent hair dye by Knight & Wilson.

First I’ll show what my hair looked like before. WaterMark_2017-07-02-21-00-17
As you can see I had really pink hair and also my roots were showing quite a bit. At the ends where I had some leftovers from my last bleach the color had washed out a lot.

In the middle part of my hair there was still a lot of pink and as a vibrant color too.

So I needed a base where I could start…
The first thing I did was bleach my hair. Honestly I didn’t wanted to bleach my hair again after the last time which was somewhat over a year ago. I used the same bleach again, blond extreme bleach L1++ which can bleach up to 9 nuances by Schwarzkopf. After putting on 2 packages of it on my hair I covered it all in aluminum foil and on top some cling film to ensure the heat. Bleach develops better with heat and it was really hot where I had placed the bun. I was really afraid my hair will be burned but all went well. WaterMark_2017-07-02-21-01-25

I was left with really bright roots, a vibrant shiny peach color for my middle part and the already bleached ends were a mix of yellow and a bit of orange. Well I thought the pink would lift more but I didn’t expected it to be blond.

The next step was to dye my roots so when they grow out it wouldn’t be noticeable. For that I choose to use a gray color because my natural hair looks grayish while growing out.


For the roots I choose Colour Freedom Metallic Glory in Silver Blond this is a permanent hair dye by Knight & Wilson. I applied it on my roots and some highlights throughout my hair. After waiting 30 minutes I washed it all out.

It was lighter and brighter as I thought it would be. But it is a beautiful color and it would look amazing when done all over my hair but seeing with what I started out with that’s not possible. So if anyone wants to have white grayish hair this is your color to go. It really has a silver shimmer and looks amazing on my roots. In Germany you can get these colors in Rossmann for 8.95 €. There are other colors you can choose from too, from light to dark.

The last color I wanted to try from Colour Freedom was this white Blond also by Knight & Wilson which is only 7.95 €. I didn’t use a brush to put it on my hair like with the other two colors. The consistency of the color is like conditioner and was really easy to apply. Don’t mistake the color because it comes out violet-blue so it can balance out all the yellow and orange in your hair and leaves you with white blond color.

If I had normal bleached hair without the pink it would have worked perfectly! I’m impressed how my hair turned out after using it. WaterMark_2017-07-02-21-02-17

After leaving it on for a little over an hour it toned down the brightness and left me with a nice rose color as an leftover from my pink and my pre- bleached ends well they have a blueish color now because I left it on longer as in the description descried.

While I had it on my head my hair looked like unicorn hair. I really loved how it looked.

WaterMark_2017-07-03-13-23-03Here a picture what my hair looks like in the sun. I also have to admit this is the lightest color I had in years.

I’m in the middle of finding a new job so this is probably not the best time to try out new colors but…


My hair needs a lot of oil now because of the bleaching.
Whatever. ∗˚(* ˃̤൬˂̤ *)˚∗

See you soon

Rin _〆(。。)

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