Haircut 2.0

Hey Guys

Last Friday on June 10th, I went to my hairdresser and got myself a brand new HAIRCUT!

Why I did it?

You know I bleached my Hair 3 times within 3 months at the end of last year and because of that my ends were REALLY damaged. It looked so bad!!! I was really depressed that my hair looked so ruined, but I wanted to finish the dye colour I still had left so I had to wait. Two weeks before the appointment I started counting and sometimes I wanted to just chop off my hair by myself… just like Britney Spears did but not THAT SHORT! Just cutting off, everything that was blue/ violet.

Here pictures from before.

When I finally sat in the chair I was so HAPPY and EXCITED. I already had a picture in mind how I wanted my hair but I also was open for something new. So I asked him what he would suggest. He asked what I think about short bangs… I said: “Please don’t. I sweat easily and I get pimples like crazy.” He replied he wouldn’t do because my face would look so small. “I would cut your hair shoulder leigh with layers.” , he said. I showed him my picture and told him that he said what I had in mind. Besides I was surprised because he was the first hairdresser, who didn’t want to cut short bangs.

Here pictures afterwards.

I feel SO MUCH BETTER NOW! My hair looks healthy again! Well as healthy as it can because I still dye my hair. It seems that I can’t stop it… it’s my entire hairs fault it has to be such an ugly natural hair colour!

A day later my friend came over and re-dyed my hair pink. We were done so fast! Even thou she stayed till midnight and we ate some delicious Pizza and staff like that.

I hope you had a beautiful week and an even better weekend.

Your Rin (=°-°)✎

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