10 reasons why school sucks!

Hey Guys

today I had some time in my classes and started a list why school sucks. I mean that was easy try finding 10 reasons why school is cool. But that is another post.
Let’s get started!

  1. learing
  2. writing tests
  3. homework
  4. mostly 1 to 3 comes together at once, like writing 7 tests in one week and having to do homework!
  5. that you get sleepy all the time
  6. you have to pay a lot of attention to every teacher in every class
  7. you have to write a lot very fast
  8. you get too many copies, mostly you can’t even read them
  9. teachers with bad handwriting
  10. teachers, who are unable to teach their material

Do you have anything to add? Or do you agree? Leave a comment down below to let me know.

Love you

Rin Yamashita _〆(。。)


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