Catching up

Hey everyone,

I got a real bad shock when I saw how long it has been since I last posted something.

Well I will start in September last year to be exactly the 29th.9.2014. On this very day I couldn’t resist and take in a new pet. I always said I would wait a year until getting a new one, after my last pet died. (RIP Yuuki)

It’s again a rabbit and her name is Aoi Butterfly. She has beautiful blue eyes and more temper than any other rabbit I ever had. Well I didn’t have much until now…

This is Aoi

My workplace isn’t near my place of residence so I’m almost 12 hours away from home most of the time. I’m at home on weekends and when I have school. But she was lonely and I wanted to get her a friend or a partner. Even thou I wanted to wait a little longer but she was really, I don’t know how to say it, but she was probably angry with me, because I could spend much time with her and she was alone so much. ;__;

Well I found another one I wanted to have. I saw him and he had a name within seconds! He is really fluffy! So I called him Fluffy Bunny. Well it became his name and I still call him Fluffy. XD

He got castrated today. Don’t be mad with me I had to do it! Well I have him since 6th December 2014. He was already 4 months old when I took him in. He already had a family before but he impregnated this rabbit-girl there so they went and gave him back. I don’t think that made a difference, because that rabbit-girl was already pregnant…  So they will have the kids anyway… Well good for me!

About the mad part…. *____*
I let him impregnate my little Aoi, she’s around the same age as him so it was ok. Now I have 6 little rabbit-babies. At the moment I’m looking for a home for them. Aoi gave birth on the 2ed February this year.
Here are some pictures for you.

You see no need to be mad at me. They both made beautiful babies together.


Rin Yamashita  _〆(。。)


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