Washing Machine

Hey guys, 🙂

yesterday  morning I wanted to wash my clothes and then my washing machine didn’t work. The light was blinking by connection to the tap is disconnected. I thought, ok close the tap and reopen it again. So I tried it again and pushed the button START. Again the light was blinking. SHIT! Good thought it my be the hose which is blocked with whitewash, because we have really hard water. So I disconnected the hose and let water through it… it worked perfectly fine. The only thing left was the tap… hmmm. I held a bin under the tap and opened it. AHHH there comes almost nothing out of it.



So I called my Landlord and told him everything and he send me a plumber and he fixed it in the evening…
3:15 pm I could finally wash my clothes!! I was so happy!


Rin Yamashita  _〆(。。)




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