Edited pictures

Hey Guys,

I played a little with GIMP where you can change pictures.

Have fun and let me know which on you liked the most.


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Rin Yamashita  _〆(。。)


2 thoughts on “Edited pictures

Add yours

  1. Here we go…
    first the pictures wasn’t loaded, so I thouhgt: “Well… there is a big black box… should I comment and like THAT?”
    But then I saw the pictures and here are my favorites:

    Number 5 (<3) has a very sunny and pleasant charisma.
    Number 6 – Ohlalal, same in colured. like it!
    Number … whoar, I have to scroll back to comment the picture! … oh, wait. there is a stop-button… hehe.
    Number 9 of course! I love this happy/cheeky/mystically shining in your eyes! Ohlala sexy Sushi!
    And 10. And 12. Aaaaand last but not least: 13.

    Why? Don't know… I just like it. Take it!

    And if you start to correct my grammar oder anything in this comment, this was the last one you got from me (in english) !!! 😛

    And thats it.

    McNut End(e)

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