Hey guys,

Today I met an 72-year-old lady and she told me something about her life. I was fascinated by what she told me. She really did a lot. We met at the bus station when I was at my way home. I told her about my future trainee job and she had learned the same when she was young. She also went to the same school while she was a trainee herself.  From there she had a lot of success and made it to the top. She was able to manage the shops of “Books of women” I think, was it called. (By the way I translated the name)

She has two children and they have children and now she has 6 great-grandchildren. Isn’t it amazing?

But what stuck the most was when she told me: “By the way I can talk with you, I can tell you’ll walk your path.”


By the way, I could satisfy my carving for pomegranate with yogurt!

Rin Yamashita  _〆(。。)


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