Hey Guys

I saw this picture No. 14 and had the ogre to answer it.

What does a quarter till 4 mean? Like why is it called that? Because a quarter is worth 25 Cents, so why is it 15 min?

To answer this you have to know some basic math! First a quarter always mean 1/4 from 1.
Example: You have a cake, so the cake is 1, and you divide it into 4 pieces, that would mean one piece is 1/4 also a quarter.

Short: It means that one piece is always divided into 4 pieces.

A quarter from 100 is 25, that makes sense right? So 100 cents make 1 Dollar and a quarter from it would be 25 cents. You have to divide 100 with 4 you get 25. If you don’t belive me take a calculator.

Now we’re doing the same with an hour. An hour are 60 min and a quarter from 60 are 15. So that’s why we have 15 min as a quarter and not 25 that would mean we would have 100 min for 1 hour. Just image that! 100 min = 1 hour; 1 day= 100 hours. OMG


Rin Yamashita _〆(。。)

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