Lost road in my mind I thought I could break through these walls but nothing falls. They don't even make a sound so hard they are bound. I wished I had wings to fly away but I just needed a key. The door is looked - I'm bound. My heart isn't beating anymore it just stopped … Continue reading Wish

Cheer Up

Today I want to cheer up someone everything will be fine. If you want to cry just give it a try.   Big boy don't cry that's what they say but let me tell you it's OK.   Cry as much as you want to as long as it heals you. You'll feel better, I promise. … Continue reading Cheer Up


The rooms is filled with white strings. The sun is shining through the dirtied window straight upon us. The night begins, now the moon is shining bright into our room dives us into gentle light.   We are bounded with chains together, can't disappear. The strings are stained red the more we strangle to get … Continue reading CHAIN


Little feather in the air is dancing with it's flair. A feather full of life makes crazy moves. It fly's up and down. Life is the air and it moves you around. Be like a feather and fly up and d o w n Rin Yamashita  _〆(。。)