I'll walk my way like it pleases me if you can't stay you might as well as leave. Rin Yamashita  _〆(。。)



I didn't want you to go never wanted to be alone. A whisper "I'm sorry" Again I'm sitting here on the stairs by your place. I didn't want you to go never wanted to be alone. I remember you and it hurts. ... I have been waiting for so long... But you won't come back again. … Continue reading Gone


The time will come when I say goodbye. The time will come when I go alone. Time goes on we grow older. Time doesn't know pity it won't hug you. You won't see the time nor you can hide. The time has a tight hold of you which you can't escape. The time came when … Continue reading Goodbye


I wanted to buy a view things. I'm not even half way there. Big raindrops on the ground. Cool raindrops on my skin. Almost there it started for real. Now it's a rainy evening. Rin Yamashita  _〆(。。)


The past is looking for it's way. Passed is our time together, where we trusted each other. Passed is the moment, where our lips touched one another.   All I know is that the past is tearing me apart. Even if you didn't noticed the moment has arrived to say "Everything has died."   What … Continue reading KNOWLEDGE


Don't look away. Don't look at me. Look what you've done. Look how it's going to end. The life which was shining bright. The life which is now going to die. Look into my eyes once filled with brightness. Look into my eyes they're lusterless. Take a look if you dare. Take a look if … Continue reading Blind