Mothers Present

Today you’re turning 40 years

and with this present

I wanted to say “Thank you”

Thank you Mama!

You were born on 3rd July 1970

but I wasn’t there.

You went to school,

slowly you get a hint,

but about me you haven’t thought yet.

The finals came

exams over exams,

only a view years left

and the peaceful time will be gone.

11th december 1990 was the day

I arrived at 3pm

3500 gram, I think

and wasn’t really light.

From there on,

different you can’t say it,

you’ve got other thinks to complain about in your life.

To wrap, to give a small bottle,

and to read every wish from my eyes.

The nights were peaceful

and you could sleep well,

you can’t complain.

I didn’t cry a lot,

because I loved to hug.

You were my big teddy bear

and with it u was alone.

Up until now I had you alone for myself

but siblings I wouldn’t dismiss.

With 27 years we went on holidays together.

I’m certain in mini golf I was the winner

and you a total beginner.

In this moment we were three together..

I’ll make a cut.

2001, 2002 and 2003 it was just the two of us,

who went on holiday.

I have to say, these were beautiful holidays,

but money we never had much,

that’s why 2004 the holiday was out of reach.

January 2005 arrived

and you managed with 34 years

to move into your own apartment.

I wasn’t far away

so I followed in the middle of the year.

I couldn’t cope with it for long

that’s why I almost moved out again.

2006 we were thirst for action.

Rearranged here and there…

I came home

and everything was gone.

To stand in the “wrong” apartment,

that believe me when I’m telling you,

I was confused!

Time passed by, I started to change.

Once for bad, once for good,

whatever the case might be

it was all kinds of things.

Patient and good-natured, like you are,

– you know I love you –

you’re always supported me.

You didn’t agree with everything,

accepted it like it was.

Thank you Mama!

Slowly my space is reducing to the end

that’s why I’m writing the change.

2008 in June, I guess

Thomas arrived and didn’t left.


But Thomas is still a bachelor.

At the end

a big Kiss.

                                                                                     Happy Birthday!!

That was my birthday present for my mothers 40th Birthday. With that speech I made a photo-story book where I wrote her story and added pictures from us. ヾ(*´ー`)ノ

Well this was almost 3 years ago.  ヽ(。_°)ノ Time sure passed by.

Rin Yamashita _〆(。。)

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