Month: March 2013


What you try to grab, will never reach your hand. Endless wide... An ill body will be carried. A broken soul will be buried in it. Open scars were filled once, but this feeling were torn apart. A heart out stone is what's left. The still standing pulse doesn't feel. The broken mind doesn't exist. … Continue reading Try


The way to my friend goes on past overdue building sites. Unfilled wishes are going to be called dreams. No money this world. The helium in the balloons push ahead, rise above, to the clouds in the sky. New technology will be crucial, venomous waste will replace the soil. Let us build a mass grave … Continue reading humanity



A common day like everyday. An education for life. A unbelievable urge to kill. To the corrupt astonishment the falling sleep people it begins again. It opens up its intelligent mouth and is talking such useful words. "I mean, we only want to interspersed our established right.", said it in his stupid flippancy.This unbelievable existing … Continue reading It