30 Facts About Me

Hello Everyone today I'll tell you 30 random facts about me. Let's get started! I have two Bunnies Aoi and Fluffy. They post every Wednesday Some Bunny-Talk on this blog. I'm a fan from MY FRIENDS, Demi Lovato, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Boho Berry (her Blog), Tati (her YouTube)...... Continue Reading →


Did you know… #FunFact

Hey Everybun did you know that Aoi and I each were introduced on YouTube? Aoi Video My Video They're pretty old so I'll tell Hoom to make new ones soon. When they're out I'll let you know. Love Fluffy

Promised Tattoo Update

Hey Guys I promised a while ago an update about my back-tattoo-piece. Without further redo: When my artist did the red parts it felt like torture but the last time I went to get the black part done there were almost no pain at all. I'm sure that the next session will be hell for me... Continue Reading →

He sure didn’t like it…

Hello Everyone yesterday I cut Fluffys fur and he sure didn't like. How I know? I make it a habit to cuddle with Fluffy after I finished cutting his fur. But yesterday he always went back to his fur looked like he really didn't want to part ways with it. Because he seem really unhappy... Continue Reading →

It happened again…

Hey Everybun she did it again! It has been somewhat two months... but honestly it wasn't THAT much! I guess I'll lose some more fur in about two months. Will it ever end? Love Fluffy

What I’ve done…

Look at what I've done I moved this blog to another one. In the future you will find what I would post right here on this blog no fear. At the end you'll get more hopefully from Monday to Friday for evermore. Rin __/(^_^)

My Washi Tape Collection

Hello Everyone today is all about Washi Tape. It hasn't been long since I've started my Bullet Journal and as I mentioned before I got sucked in. Badly! That was also the first time I found Washi Tape. There are cute ones, neon, dotted, striped and all sorts of colours. Don't forget all the season... Continue Reading →

BIG NEWS: Changing things up

Hello Everyone up to now I had tree blogs to take care of. My poem blog. My bunny blog. My blog which you're just visiting while you're reading this. So for better or worse I decided to put everything on one blog. Sure I'll still use these categories for posting like I did until now.... Continue Reading →

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