So nice

Hey my Friends

You know it’s really nice to come and go from WORK while daylight shines bright on the sky. 😊

Over winter I went to and came from WORK when it was dark. At times I didn’t even notice that it was day at all. For me it was like night the whole day. 😵😱

😂 Almost posted it in the wrong blog. 😂

CY Soon Rin✒

DIY Pinwall

Hello my Friends

Today I want to show you how you can get a Pinwall for a low budget.

You need

  1. wp-image-435747547jpg.jpgCanvas
  2. Drawing pins as much as needed
  3. Pictures or postcards wp-image-344523688jpg.jpg

Be sure you have enough material or space also you can always add something later on.

Then all you have left to do is pin it onto the wall. wp-image-1809406538jpg.jpg
You can order it however you like it…


After you’ve finished it could look like this…


Place it where you want it as decoration and tadaaaa….


It’s easy right?

Love you Rin ✒


Black ice on my way

Hello my Friends 

Today while walking to work I had to be really careful cause right after leaving the train the black ice awaited. I didn’t notice at first, only after the other train taker told me I took notice. 😓

Still there was one time my button almost met the concrete. 😂

On my way back to the train I almost fell again … 😣

Who else had black ice today?
Love you Rin ✒

Only 2 days left

Hello my Friends 

How was your week up to now? Mine was very stressful so I decided to go home pretty early on Friday and surprise my bunnies Aoi and Fluffy. These two are my everything.  
Do you have anyone like that?