Fail Or Success? | You decide!

Hello Everyone I colored my hair! I made a video so lets jump into it. This is what it looks like in daylight. Please like and follow. Love Rin



Hello Everyone Today I dyed my hair... ...was it a fail or a success? You will find out tomorrow. 😉 Love Rin

Insury update|After 7 days

Hello Everyone this is my update to my post Did you know! Because I sure didn't!. So let's take a look what it looked like. The first time taking off the bandaged was hell! It hurt so much because it dried onto the wound! Horror I felt so week afterwards... Ok I was hungry and... Continue Reading →

New Pictures #Wanted

Hello Everybun one of Hooms friends made these awesome wanted Posters from us and Hooms Logo! I think she did an awesome job what do you think? Here her social Media: Instagram Colorido Medio Twitter Colorido Medio Deviantart Colorido Medio YT Colorido Medio Please check her out she does a lot of art and other... Continue Reading →

Tattoo Yes? No? Maybe? #2

Hello Everyone to todays 2nd post about Tattoos. Here you can read the first one. Todays host is Fluffy. Please welcome him for this interview. Me: Thank you Fluffy for coming. Fluffy: I was around anyway. So its fine. Me: Shall we start? Fluffy: How much does a Tattoo cost? Me: It depends on the... Continue Reading →

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