New Pictures #Wanted

Hello Everybun one of Hooms friends made these awesome wanted Posters from us and Hooms Logo! I think she did an awesome job what do you think? Here her social Media: Instagram Colorido Medio Twitter Colorido Medio Deviantart Colorido Medio YT Colorido Medio Please check her out she does a lot of art and other... Continue Reading →


Tattoo Yes? No? Maybe? #2

Hello Everyone to todays 2nd post about Tattoos. Here you can read the first one. Todays host is Fluffy. Please welcome him for this interview. Me: Thank you Fluffy for coming. Fluffy: I was around anyway. So its fine. Me: Shall we start? Fluffy: How much does a Tattoo cost? Me: It depends on the... Continue Reading →

Fluffy is fluffy again

Hello Everybun first I want to apologize that there was no Bunny-Talk last week. Hoom has a new job and is mostly tired after work. But it does seem like she's going back into the office. Right now she's working in a warehouse. She doesn't mind the walking but does complain a lot about the... Continue Reading →

Tattoo Yes? No? Maybe? #1

Hello Everyone please welcome our host for today. Welcome Aoi and thank you for being here. Aoi: I want a treat for this! Me: Yes you'll get a treat. Aoi: Ok let's get this going. What is todays topic again? Me: Tattoos. (Is this going to be fine?) Aoi: Ahh... Ok first question: Do you... Continue Reading →


... my mind feels heavy Tired to the point of hopelessness My feed hurt and burn ... And hopefully my night doesn't fly by like last night. With that said Good night Rin😪

My update Video

Hello Everybun, Hoom wanted to make new introduction videos of Aoi and me and on Monday she started with me. She even drew in some things to think about before getting a rabbit. I hope you like it. Let's get started!   Hope you liked it. Like and subscribe. Love Rin_/(^_^)

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