The evolution from cup to mug

Hello everyone, recently I noticed that my cups have gotten bigger and evolved into mugs. Why I'm telling you this? I don't know. Still I hope it makes you smile a little bit. My friend Colorido Medio turned my pictures into an animation for me and I hope you can see the difference. The pink... Continue Reading →


For our cages … Isn’t it a little bit too much Hoom?

Hello Everybun, Hoom saw last Sunday that our pellets are discounted which she puts inside our cages. So she thought why not order now and safe some cash.... Well there was a bug in the system and so she thought it didn't work the first time. Half an hour later she tried again now it... Continue Reading →

My Hair | My Challenge

Hello Everyone today I had a talk with my boss and I told him that if my hair gets out of hand, to his liking, he should tell me. He replied "If not now when then?". ... So I colored my hair! I still had some Color Freedom Pink dye and Color Vista turquoise and... Continue Reading →

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